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What are Osteopaths?

Osteopaths are university trained and government registered health practitioners who assess, diagnose and treat conditions of the musculoskeletal system. We look at the body as a whole, and consider the areas related to the problem, whilst trying to identify a cause.

Osteopaths look at the function of the body, and link that to its structure. One of our basic principles is that the body has self-healing mechanisms and when it is structurally sound, it functions at its optimum.

Our treatment approach uses manual techniques such as soft tissue massage, stretching, articulation, mobilisation of joints, or for lower back pain for example, manipulation (if required), and more subtle methods.

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What to expect when you visit the osteopath

During your first consultation, your osteopath will take a thorough history of the complaint. We also ask relevant questions about your past medical and general health history.

To assess the problem, your osteopath will look at your posture and mobility. We will assess the muscle tone in the area and palpate or feel the movement of the joints.

After developing a working diagnosis, whether is back treatment or neck pain we will explain what we intend to do and then we'll treat the problem with a variety of hands-on techniques such as those described above.

Often we will send you home with some advice regarding posture, ergonomics, and stretching and/or strengthening exercises.

Initial consultations take 40-60 mins, with a return consultation taking 30 mins.

What to wear

You will most likely be required to remove some clothing so that the osteopath can assess the problem. As such, you will be most comfortable if you wear loose or flexible clothing such as leggings, track pants, or shorts, and modest underwear. We always have gowns available.

What to bring

Please bring any relevant X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, or bone density studies that you may have had. Any relevant reports from other health care providers may be useful too. If you have private health insurance, bring your card with you as we use HICAPS.

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