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At Freshwater Osteopathy, our approach is holistic.

We search for the cause of the problem and, we aim to restore optimum structure and function to the body, helping the body to heal itself.

We may be able to assist you with back pain, neck pain, headaches, sports injuries, pregnancy related conditions, and we help a variety of patients from children to the elderly.

Some of our Services

We offer a variety of treatment styles when approaching the following:

Do I Need a Referral?

Most people do not need a doctor’s referral to see an osteopath as we are primary health care practitioners. However, a referral is required for Workers Compensation, Department of Veterans Affairs and the Chronic Disease Management (CDM) patients.

We also treat MAIB patients who have a valid claim number. Private Health Insurance Members with extras cover can claim back a partial rebate at the time of their visit.

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exercise recovery sport Zoe Wood

Recovering from sport / exercise By Dr (osteo) Alana Parry

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, recovery always plays an important role in staying active. By adopting a few small habits, you can help prevent injury and be performing at your best in no time! ● Cooling down: we always talk about the importance of a good warm up before exercise, but […]

bursitis Osteopathy shoulder Zoe Wood

Shoulder Bursitis -By Dr. (osteo) Sam Morgan

Shoulder Injuries… Who needs them! At Freshwater Osteopathy Clinic we see various different shoulder injuries, some pinch, some nag, some ache like Cass’ heart does for the Honey badger, some are avoidable (maybe you shouldn’t have done cart wheels for the first time since primary school P.E,) and some unavoidable, such as finding yourself in […]

Osteopathy pain pregnancy Zoe Wood

Pregnancy Pain and Osteopathy

PREGNANCY PAIN By Dr Kieran Carlton (osteo) Pregnancy pelvic pain can present as back, hip, groin and/or thigh pain and is common in pregnant patients. It’s no surprise considering that the female form will undergo many changes through the three trimesters. The musculoskeletal system is challenged by changes in weight, size, shape, foetal development, ligament […]

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